Friday, December 9, 2011

Down but not out.

Yes, it may look like that dude is not getting up....but he may surprise ya!

So, the boxing metaphor is definitely an apt one for me these days. This last round of chemo did feel like an exercise in mental and physical 'combat'. Trying to dodge the opponent, and build strategies on what move he will make, but in the end - ending up flat on my back with a fat lip. Ok - not so much the fat lip part. Thank God.

The good news is that it is now day 8 after treatment and I am finally feeling like I've been released from the "Nausea Chamber" that I've been locked in. Hallelujah! It's touch and go and I'm always second guessing myself when I start to feel better...but I think I am in the clear for now. Sort of. Hooray!

Next treatment is this coming Thursday and I have to admit I am shaking in my boots a little bit, but it can't be helped. I am no Mohamed Ali....yet.

Good news of the week: I am not bald yet!!! It seems I have beat most of the odds in the hair department. The doctors, and those who have been through it told me 8 days to 2 weeks after your first treatment...and my hair is growing thick and strong. I know this probably won't last...but for now - its great! In the immortal words of Bobby Mcferrin :

"Simple pleasures are the best. Yes they are."

Again, my thanks for all the messages, emails, gifts, cards, notes, meals, visits, encouragement, mutual commiseration, love. In those moments when I feel I'm about to be taken over by the waters of turmoil which is this disease, I suddenly find myself being carried to shore by these gigantic waves of support. Each word, prayer, sentiment, thought, good vibe counts - and I feel it.

My most sincere gratitude.

Love to you all,